Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Leadership: How About Reading ...

Leading with Soul, An Uncommon Journey of the Spirit by Lee B. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal takes the reader on a quiet, unassuming walk with Steven and Maria, two featured characters in this modern day parable. Steven is on a search for a meaningful way to genuinely connect with his employees and wife and Maria offers to listen and help direct his search. Steven, at the top of the working food chain (CEO) seeks leadership advice from Maria, but receives so much more ... he finds his soul, learns to hear from within and discovers a means of connecting with God. The friendship of grace is a mutual gift.

Spiritual direction is a stream of worship and leadership that was very popular and common in our early Christian history and then, for all practical purposes, has been lost/forgotten for the past 400 years of cultural 'enlightenment.' But, this grace gift is making a fresh entrance into our postmodern culture. Connecting with another, one serving in the role of spiritual director, is an intimate, caring and relational means of seeking God with another sojourner, each gleaning and contributing precious insights into the other's inestimable worth in Christ.

I picture this type of relational conversation as one that happens authentically and normally with women who meet together in one's kitchen for coffee,or dialoguing with various family members at supper or perhaps on a weekly walk with a friend. Listening becomes a gift of grace offered to another, as does asking one another questions that sensitively explore one's emotions and thoughts which are making up each of our Divine life stories. It is a common occurrence between women ... yes? Have you ever considered that this is a legitimate style of 'leadership' and one that follows Jesus' example quite well?

I appreciated these two organizational guru's (Bolman and Deal)writing a simple yet profound story that brought confirmation to a feminine way of leading that I find very comfortable. How about you? Wonder if they knew this as they wrote??

From the Kavura Gathering,


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