Sunday, January 29, 2006

Leading Ladies: Transformative Biblical Images for Women's Leadership

What is the power in an image?
Do images make a difference when it comes to seeing oneself empowered to lead or to take risks?
If images of leadership are consistently expressed in athletic or military terms, does this narrow the field of those who feel empowered to lead?

Jeanne Porter, Ph.D, author of Leading Ladies, believes many women of the 21st Century will benefit from fresh, feminine images of leadership. She expands the variety of images that legitimately inspire leadership, liberating both males and females to view their God-given gifts as potential treasures for assuming new leadership paradigms. Dr. Porter introduces four female archetypes from the Bible who honor women's experiences and perspectives.

Dr. Porter creatively unpackages the roles of the midwife (Puah and Shiprah), the choreographer (Miriam), the weaver (Deborah), and the intercessor (Esther) to encourage her readers to explore new roles of leadership. She succeeds in inspiring an inner hope birthed in her readers; to see their special place in time and history for bringing about change for a more just society and to become inspired to lead as advocates for marginalized others.

This book is a relaxing and enjoyable read. The author includes questions for reflection and/or discussion at the end of each chapter. She writes relationally and with confidence of women's unique identity and call to participate in God's Divine narrative still being written today. By the end of the book, I wished I could have called her up and invited her over for a cup of coffee to continue our discussion.

From the Kavura Gathering


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