Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hulda ... A Woman Who Was 'In The Know'

Hulda was quite a leading woman! Our recent Kavura conversation (led by Dr. Marti Williams) really gave this woman a voice and Hulda spoke loudly to all of us. A married woman, probably living in an upscale area of Jerusalem, was sought after by five of the King's top officials to authenticate a scroll found buried somewhere in the First Temple as being truly a portion of The Book of the Law ... Holy Scripture. The entire Law had been lost and now this was the first piece found ... if it was authentic? Both King and Priest sought a Prophet who could be trusted for such a Holy and Sacred task! Three prophets were available: Jeremiah, Zepheniah and Hulda. They chose Hulda! Amazing really ... the word of a female prophet was sought, believed without question and then an entire nation responded to her message of both hopelessness and hope. She boldly proclaimed truth and delivered the Word of God with a feminine touch! ( ... Here is a cool link to read more about King Josiah wanting Hulda's feminine voice to deliver this Word of God!)

Confident, secure, respected, called of God, Spirit filled, prophetically gifted ... are these not characteristics we, women of all ages, desire and need today in order to speak influentially into our families, our neighborhoods, our cities and our nation? Is the Divine story of Hulda in any of our children's or teen teaching materials? If not, should she be? Why has Hulda's voice been, for all practical purposes, absent in 21st century Christian teaching and sermons? Let's talk!