Friday, April 21, 2006

3000 Years & Women are Still Targets of Violence

1005-965BC ... King David's life story is filled with military (athletic) and sexual violence and women suffer in the midst of the majority of it!

In King David's personal and family life ... Power, control, lies, family betrayals, murders, rapes, incest, revenge, rebellion, political mayhem, mistakes in spiritual decisions that cost people their lives, lies upon lies, threats, scandals, misplaced loyalties, ruined family reputations ... for the most part ... what a disaster! (Hmmmm ... sounds like typical storylines in all our news media outlets of 2006)

HOWEVER: Not exactly the "David storyline" you hear in today's church sermons/teaching! Why Not?

Let me suggest that "Where honesty is lacking, integrity is seriously compromised and from such, there will be no serious sphere of influence exerted either."

If I'm touching on something truthful ... how so?

And, If I'm wrong ... (as Bill Riley might put it) "Tell me, where am I going wrong here?"

[A continuing discussion from the Women's April Kavura, RAPE ... THEN and NOW.]