Sunday, October 22, 2006

The "Esther" Movie ...

titled, One Night With A King, is amazing! Amazingly fictional, that is! Could someone please tell me WHY this movie is getting so much attention from the 'Christian' crowd? It's as much FICTION as was The Da Vinci Code! Both are movie interpretations of fictional books that have been rewritten with more fiction included by Hollywood. I just have to laugh ... the very truth watchdog groups that had such a fit about The Da Vinci Code because it mixed truth with fiction are now giving great reviews about this Esther movie. Can anyone smell a little hypocrisy here?? At least the Da Vinci Code never tried marketing itself as 'truth!' Any subtitle that appears under the title of this movie that suggests this movie is anywhere near 'the real story' couldn't be further from the truth. This is the goofiest rendition of Esther I could ever imagine! (Okay, maybe not "ever!")

WHY the need to change the real story? It has plenty of good scenarios just as is and, with some prophetic imagination, this sacred narrative could actually be thought-provoking and worthy of consideration for our 21st century. Prophetic imagination doesn't CHANGE the story, but seeks to realistically bring depth and an honest human/divine rendering of the story. Of course this involves subjective interpretation, but not an outright 'rewriting' of the facts of the story.

So why the misrepresentation of the biblical narrative? Oh yea ... Duh .... Hollywood! They sure have taken a lesson out of our national political playbook: how to tap into the rather undiscerning cultural 'Christian' power/money block.

PS: Shot in India, the costumes, sets, flowers, etc. were beautiful! A Plus!


Blogger mompriest said...

I haven't seem the Esther movie, in fact am really out of the movie seeing sphere these days...too busy, so sad. But it is tragic that Esther would be re-written. I agree it is a powerful story. Just did a study at our clergy conference with Lauren Winner (Girl Meets GOd) on Esther. Some good stuff. Winner leads women's retreats on the Book of Esther...

Also, on another blog site I mentioned that I am seeing Diana Butler Bass tomorrow (Oct. 24). She is speaking at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL, our annual "Bread for the Journey" gathering of alumnae/alumni.

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