Friday, October 06, 2006

Genesis 1 (over) Genesis 2

(Each of these suggestions represent an emphasis switch ... not an elimination of either)

I propose that for a significant length of time, the presentation of the creation narrative come from Genesis 1.

Suggested benefits toward a healthy spiritual formation for children:

- An initial introduction that presents ‘in their image’ for both genders equally.
- Collaborative language used for God ... a Divine Community Act of Creative Choice.
- Securing early on all children's identity of inestimable worth as the crown of God’s creation.
- Creating humanity was not just good ... but VERY good! GOD/THEY are HAPPY with created humanity! Proud, happy, excited, committed forever in love ... like most new parents!



Blogger Past the Wishing said...

I feel a burden for helping our children establish their self-worth based on being a purposefully created being! Somehow, this is NOT being communicated through their current church experience. Insecurity reigns! This should not be so.

Here we have this wonderful creation story that should be good news for ALL CREATION ... not just to Christians. I suggest we get hung up in the nuances of Genesis 2 and are side tracked from the awesome realities of The Creation Story.

8:31 PM  

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