Monday, October 09, 2006

Good News (over) So-so News

Somewhere we've lost the power and attraction of the GOOD News. The Gospel has been hijacked (once again) by the legalists! Orthodoxy has become the weapon of the rich and powerful, not the proclamation of liberating good news from the people/the least of these.

Today's children don't seem to be genuinely "attracted" to the gospel. Children were attracted to Jesus ... I don't remember parents coercing them to go see him or listen to him. What "Jesus" is being communicated to children/tweenies/teens in our churches? If the message we passed to the next generations was really GOOD ... I mean, truly GOOD NEWS would it be attractive, or at least tantalizing curious, or even too good to be true?

Where, for our children, is the good news of:

- "Your Special" and I Love You! (exclaims God)
- "Your Perfect as I Made You" and I Love You? (proclaims God)
- "Your Mine" and I Love You! (woos God)

And during the early seasons of early spiritual formation ... I suggest this be the beginning and the end of the story.


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