Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Gospel Narratives (over) The O.T. and Paul's Letters

Of course I'm an advocate for the whole, divinely inspired Word of God being presented over the course of time to children. BUT ... in the beginning, shouldn't the Jesus Story be the cornerstone, the foundation and the first few floors of the spiritual formation building in our children?

With our current approach, I suggest we must take responsibility for having made the biblical narratives little more than mere fairytales by not being sensitive to WHEN certain stories are presented to children. To present stories like Noah, Samson, & David and Goliath to children too young to understand the whole story -- the tragic set-up and impact of these heavy stories; the fear and awe and honest questions that these stories precipitate about the God of the Ancients (when one presents an honest rendering of them!) has caused them to become cheap, never taken seriously, worthy only of a disney production.

I ask, what would be wrong with spending the initial YEARS of a child's spiritual formation almost exclusively in the 4 Gospel narratives? ... until our children's hearts burst and overflow with This Story?

Jesus -- the author and finisher of our faith
Jesus -- God With Us
Jesus -- The Good News Story
Jesus -- Giving a Fresh View of: God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Divine Community living among us.

It is This Story that gives real meaning to the stories that come before it and the stories that come after. Yes?


Blogger SingingOwl said...

Yes! I've long said this, but I don't know if anyone was listening. Do we really want to teach about Noah to preschoolers? (No.)

9:25 AM  

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