Saturday, October 21, 2006

That Greek Mom with a Daughter in Trouble - Mark 7

We met, discussed, read, acted, prayed, struggled, wondered, questioned, agreed, disagreed, believed and were challenged … all in the context of a great conversational learning time with this Syrophoenician woman’s story as written for us in Mark 7. The Woman’s Kavura of Virginia Beach, hosted by Generations Quest, brought to life the voice of this desperate Mom, a Mom on a mission to see her daughter delivered from a demon so ‘normal’ life could come to both of them.

We dramatized the story with two oral readings of the story, giving different tones of voice to both Jesus and the Woman/Mom. Did she beg with crying and sobbing (Diane!) or did she beg with a tone of assertive determination to not come away empty handed for her daughter? (Jackie!) What was Jesus’ tone of voice … tired and overwhelmed with the emotional exhaustion of ministry (Kristine!) or one of annoyance at being ‘found’ and bothered by a pesty Greek woman, an outsider? Were there pauses in their conversation? And why would Matthew record this story so differently for his early community of faith compared to what Mark has already written down? (Sofronia wondered.)

Cindi asked: In the story, did Jesus change his mind and how significant is this?

How did this Mom ‘identify’ a demon in her daughter? How did she know? How can we relate to such a proclamation from a Mom about her own daughter? Wouldn’t we shy far away at making such a proclamation as a Mom in our culture/context?

Was God, through the Spirit, using this conversation to impart a new knowing to His Son about extending the parameters of His ministry way beyond the House of Israel? We also explored the questions that this story evokes concerning Jesus’ humanity/divinity characteristics during his earthly ministry as Son of Man, Son of God. (Ref. Phil 2)


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