Monday, October 09, 2006

Tough –Tension Realities (over) Easy-Slick Makeovers

Part of the truth that will emerge in this postmodern culture is that the biblical narrative is true to life - it's filled with tough-tension realities, not easy black and white answers that fill in blanks choreographed by curriculum authors. Life isn't lived by systematic bullet points and God's Narrative proves it, despite our attempts at rearranging and raping it of it's often gruesome and pointed tensions.

Acknowledging, embracing and then finding God's overwhelming presence, even when seemingly absent in the real deal of life, is imperative for:

Growing Up ... dealing with the not so easily explained
... dealing with not knowing ALL the answers
... dealing with 'life is not always fair' syndrome
... dealing with mysteries, miracles, and mountains
... dealing with successes, failures and the unexpected more often than not!
... blessings and suffering, both part and parcel of life

This is all in THE BIG STORY ... why should we gloss over them with slick make-overs? What are we afraid of??


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