Monday, October 09, 2006

The Whole Story (over) Selected Parts of the Story

(The next few possible emphasis shifts are targeted toward older children's spiritual formation)

One of the tenants of the current emerging conversation is to revive a narrative theology, using the story to give us glimpses into the nature, character and practice of the Living God we worship and serve.

For our children, we give them a true picture, as in a picture of whole truth! (And, I will go so far as to suggest that the closer a curriculum is associated with those who proclaim to be THEE guardians of The Doctrinal Truth, the smaller the Bible becomes in it's presentation. Stories are told in manageable, controllable select verses ... over and over and over until the audience really believes that there is no more to any of these stories accept what has been selected out by purposeful design K-12)

This should not be so! Our children deserve to be told the whole version of the recorded Divine Stories. It's a continuing story that they need to be able to see their life story as a continuing part of the Creation Story! They deserve to be able to find themselves in a realistic fashion in the biblical stories that have preserved for their maturing faith journey. But they cannot, (I cannot) if the stories are not told in their entirety. Kids are ripped off ... and kids don't like being ripped off! (Do you?)

How can the whole story be recaptured and presented ... Fair and Balanced?

1. Looking for the characters in the margins (those stories rarely, if ever told)
- Women, children, concubines, slaves
- The neighbors, the friends, the extended family
e.g. Sarah and Hagar
inclusive of Isaac & Ishmael, aunts & uncles, neighbors & friends!
- The nameless ones, the rejected ones, the titless ones

2. Tragedy, Comedy, Drama, Irony ... it's all there!
- Allow all the possible emotive responses to surface of the characters in the stories, including the Triune characters!

3. The Divine Stories deserve attention for longer than a 1 hour Sunday school class period! Curriculums that jump story to story are nothing more than a medium for proof texting to drive home a moral sound bite.

4. These stories cry for conversation! Not lecture! They are food worth chewing and chewing and chewing; tasting, smelling, touching, feeling ...

When will the NO SPIN ZONE come to church? I think our tweenies and teens are waiting! Gosh ... I'm waiting!


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