Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Real Mary

Scot McKnight has just published a book under this title and I like the title. Have you ever wondered what the 'real Mary' was like? I've wondered that about all the biblical characters, actually. I suggest that most of our 20-21st century filters are probably pretty heavy and what actually comes through about these people is only slightly the real deal!

At our Sat. gathering in VA Beach, Dec. 9th, we will take some time to explore the various roles Jesus' Mom took in her lifetime, based on what is at least revealed to us through her repeated entrances into the scenes of the N.T. record. A pregnant virgin, a Mom, a psalmist, a single-Mom ... divorced or widowed? house-keeper, disciplinarian, Jewish community participant, a cousin, a friend, an aunt or grandmother?, a spokesperson for the Savior of the world, a witness to her son's death and burial, one of those parents who witness their own child's death before their own, a follower of The Christ, a primary witness to the events that birthed a new cult-of-the-day = Christianity, a 1st hand witness to the experience of being a "Spirit-filled new-born" ... what else?

And then there's all those unanswered questions about her life: Who, where, what about her parents? Where did her husband disappear to? How many other children did she have, if any? Did she attend or lead any young house "church" after her Pentecost experience? What was the relationship between her and John ... did she go and live with him? How did she influence the N.T. writings of his? Where and when did she die?

For those who are able to find a little time for coffee and conversation during a very busy holiday season, I think the shared reflections from the women at this kavura gathering will be a holiday blessing for everyone.


Anonymous Valerie said...

Just got the book yesterday and am anxiours to begin reading. For years I've been very interested in the "real" Mary. Will be excited to hear and share our reflections on this unique woman.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Past the Wishing said...

I have finished McKnight's book and was disappointed with the first half but found a few points worthy of reflection in parts of the second half. The logic he uses to justify the second half ... Mary being REAL is based on her being an ordinary human and therefore not privy to a full, revelatory understanding of Jesus-his message of the Kingdom, etc. ... doesn't match his understanding/image/exegesis of Mary that he talks about in the first half the book. His 'real Mary' of the first half (the young mother Mary) is super-Spirit knowing; she understands all the revelation, has it all together with all the understanding of a 21st century Christian!

Can we have it both ways? ... the first Mary is all super spiritual (totally understanding the entire incarnation, etc!) and then the second Mary becomes ambivalent and relatively clueless?

There's still lots of evangelical gymnastics in McKnight's book-especially with his thoughts about Mary at the cross. But ...

... I like the title.

9:22 AM  

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