Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kavura - Time to Hit the Road?

For the past 18 months, the postmodern community of Generations Quest in Virginia Beach has been host to a monthly women's conversation which has brought together a very diverse group of women; diverse in age, theological background, level of education and economics, race and ethnicity. This, in itself, is a wonderful accomplishment!

We've had some wonderful gatherings; some small and some large, but always with a 'pomo' (postmodern) flair and always with an underlying, unifying essential of grace for one another, upheld by a pillar of hospitality. We've met poolside, in private dining rooms, at the Tallwood house and we've varied the times between Saturday morning breakfasts and Friday night dinners. All in all, the Kavura gatherings have been Oh-So successful.

2007 is right around the corner --- and so now what? More of the same would certainly continue to bless us. But, what could happen with the Kavura gatherings that would continue to delight the Lord and be evermore intentionally inclusive in sharing Our Story/His Story of Good News with our neighbors? What might we envision, with a little Prophetic Imagination, for the coming year?

The intent of our Kavura gatherings have been to:
- use the postmodern preference of 'narrative' as a means of viewing the biblical stories, especially women's stories, and from this view seek to
- find the divine interconnection between the biblical stories themselves and with OUR own story - a personal story that is still in process for each one of us.
- To connect teaching and learning through exploratory conversations, both with the text and with one another,
- hopefully creating a divine, safe space for ourselves and Other.

Each Kavura gathering has sought to purposefully, and without apology, unpack the biblical narratives by honoring a balance of our feminine perspectives and years of study with our feminine experiences and spiritual knowings. And to this end, Lady Wisdom has graced us with Her presence; leading and guiding us in our prayers, in our dialogue and in our relationships. We are grateful and we are expecting ...

And so I ask, what about for 2007? Where might we share our Kavura conversations? With whom may these conversations bring comfort, light, or a new sense of excitement with the recorded history of God's involvement with His Creation? Where haven't the stories been unpackaged quite like this? Where might the biblical stories come alive to women of our postmodern culture -- women who may have written the Bible off as 'dead or irrelevant ancient history?'

Could a monthly change of location be missional? Could 'taking it on the road' divinely guide our choices of which biblical women's stories to unpackage and discuss this coming year? What might we learn from our new guests as they host our Kavuras?

Women of the Kavura ... your thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am willing to travel around to continue this wonderful experience. I have not been able to attend all of the gatherings, but when I can, it has been such a blessing. It's wonderful to be around others that agree to listen and share different views without the judgment or hesitation to contribute, that we often feel in many of our Christian communities.

I would be happy to help find a way to continue the group. What about meeting in individual homes?. Mine is an option but....I live way out in Norfolk! Michelle

5:05 PM  
Blogger Past the Wishing said...

Thanks, Michelle.

"way out in Norfolk!" is exactly what I think would be great! Moving around would give different people a chance to invite friends from their 'neck of the woods!'


5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also agree that it has been a wonderful blessing to listen and share different view points without being afraid of what one is saying: who is right/wrong. Also, to open up our Biblical world from a woman's perspective. I like the present location but will be willing to travel around; also, perhaps a new time/day can be considered as well

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... The current location is great. It's centrally located.
The Friday evening were great in that it was a wonderful way to end the week. However saturday's mornings are nice, but Friday evenings were better.
However you decide I will continue to suppoort the mission of the Kavura's, in that it's a special time of sisterhood conversation in the presence of the Lord.

1:36 AM  

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